Sunday, March 23, 2008

Check out the mural I am doing at the Hi Tone in Memphis
This is after the third time I worked on it.

I've had help from several people so far including
Ariel Hansen
Andy Strong
Ben Bauermeister
Meredyth Kime
Jake Hendrix

On the second day of working , a kid came over from the Gas Station next door and said he wanted to Draw on it, I let him help me paint the white pants on the guy with the strange horn. His mom was pleased , she took photos of it - It was great.
also, I painted an area youth named "Alex" on the far left - I think the next time I work on it , I'll make him have a magic wand or a repeat of the lighter from the guy in the front of the pack -

Ultimately there will be 50+ people on this mural - with a giant slice of pizza and a giant PBR also a band playing on the stage at right...

Thanks For Checking it out

Alex harrison


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